Centre of Excellence in Teaching & Learning-Jahangirnagar University (CETL-JU) is a service oriented and research led centre that supports the university to achieve its strategic teaching and learning aims. CETL-JU achieves this objective through (a) supporting new academic staff in their development as expert teachers; (b) helping on matters such as pedagogical design of course, planning a lesson, assessment of student rating of teaching, promoting student learning and profiling student learning preferences, development of e-learning contents etc. tailored to the needs and desire of the faculty members; (c) professional learning including workshops and seminars; (d) collaborating with other units to bring pedagogical perspectives to join endeavors; (e) offering consultations at all aspects of teaching at the university; (f) sharing teaching tools, good practice and guidelines; and (g) building a repository of teaching and learning resources.


Vision: The vision of CETL-JU is to develop a powerful arm of the university through the back-up of high-quality teaching, learning and research.

Mission: CETL-JU is committed to providing professional programs of high quality that assists the academic staff of the university to maximise their teaching and learning skills and facilitate effective student learning, and to cooperate with other higher education institutions to the same end. CETL-JU is also committed to conducting research in support of university-wide teaching and learning developments.


CETL-JU aims to maintain a student-centred teaching agenda in the direction of the improvement of teaching and learning at Jahangirnagar University and other regional higher educational institutions. It aims to promote teacher’s pedagogical skills, including training to utilise the tools and materials. CETL-JU also aims to promote effective teaching and assessment strategies and facilitates discourse on teaching innovation and improvement.


  • Organise need oriented training for the teachers, students and support staffs of JU and other regional universities.
  • Teaching and learning research.
  • Arrange dialogues, lectures, seminars and symposia to support a diverse range of academics at different stages in their career.
  • Develop a team of competent trainers.
  • National and regional liaison. Coordinate and lead activities of JU and other universities and develop exchange collaboration among different relevant institutions home and abroad.
  • Offer certificate/diploma courses.
  • Publish journals, develop e-resources, curriculum and modules for different faculty development programs.
  • Use information and communication technology to facilitate information-sharing among institutions and to increase the scope of teachers’ access to training.
  • Offer consultation services about all aspects of teaching and learning at the university level.
  • Perform such other functions and activities necessary to facilitate the attainment of the objectives of the centre with the approval of a proper authority.


In 2017

In 2018

  • One day-long training workshop on the use of objectivity in Research and publicationTertiary on 11 March 2018
  • Three days long training workshop on Tertiary Pedagogy from 21-23 January 2018
  • Three days long training workshop on Tertiary Pedagogy from 15-17 May 2018
  • Three days long training workshop on Tertiary Pedagogy from 9-11 July 2018 at Comilla University
  • A day-long training workshop on Education Policy and Higher Education Strategic plan of Bangladesh on 9 December 2018 at Maulana Bhasani Science and Technology University

In 2019


Professor Dr. Syed Hafizur Rahman
Professor Dr. Syed Hafizur Rahman DIRECTOR, CETL-JU
Department of Environmental Sciences

Syed Hafizur Rahman is the director of CETL-JU. He is a Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He has been involved in multi-disciplinary environmental research since 1994-1995. His research interests have been on water-related climate change issues, climate change adaptation technologies, water resource management, abatement of water pollution, treatment of waste water and surface water using EC technology. He has developed an interest in multidisciplinary research on complex issues relating to climate change and its effects on the micro-environment.

He has been doing research on vulnerability and impact assessment for climate change, ecosystem-based adaptation and sustainable adaptation due to climate change.


Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.